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Dennis Cordova
New Mexico, USA

Israel – California, USA

Elspeth Kerr Video
Scotland – Cyprus, Greece

Eric Kahalelehua
Honolulu, Hawaii

(Terri Lynne’s daughter)

(Terri Lynne’s son)


I am so grateful to Terri Lynne for guiding me to reconnect with the love I carry inside of my heart! By teaching me how to allow myself to release emotions, so I can see inside myself, leading me to once again feel loved! During our phone session between Terri Lynne residing in the United States and myself residing in India, I had many awakening moments. During the call, my third eye chakra was activated and on my chest I could feel the heart chakra activating. I saw what looked like a huge circle of light on my chest, which has never happened to me before, and my body was vibrating throughout! This experience of these awakenings taking place, all put together was a beautiful miracle, which I believe has happened in me! Also, I never experienced any of this before in my life and I am grateful for having my connection with TL! She guided me to see that LOVE IS… inside my heart to connect to at any given moment of my life. Not an outside source to keep searching to find. I am eternally grateful for Terri Lynne and for her healing me. With Love from a very familiar stranger,

– Chakravarthy Baddepudi Aka: CK Bangalore, India

Terri Lynne entered my life at what had to be one of the lowest times of my life. This dark period had to be the darkest, deepest hole I had been in, losing my way and light. Through conversations and energy healing work with TL, I was drawn in to the deepest depths of that darkness and shown the light. Following the healing and after a very troubled yet deep sleep and cryptic nightmares, I awoke.

Ever since Terri Lynne was kind enough to volunteer to work with me, from just that one session, I was brought back in to my light, piece by piece or as my favorite saying goes from Kate Mosse’s book – Labyrinth…Pas a pas, se va luenh. (Step by step, we make our way)
Thank you Terri Lynne for guiding me back on to my path well lit. The darkness was first viewed during my healing experience, with you in the USA and me behind my closed door in the UK during our connecting moments. Thankfully once you guided me on how to find the key to open that door, I saw the light once again. I am eternally grateful for you connecting with my spirit.
With a Soul full of Love,
Ryan “Lunawolf” Smith Aka: Your “Baby Soul Brother”
Dover – Kent Shepherdswell, United Kingdom

I choose to reference you as, “Dearest Terri Lynne.” The reason is because of all the people who have played an important role in my life, you stand amongst the top. There are very few who have impacted my life in the highest sense and you are among one of them. I was searching for answers and here you came. You held my hand, took me on the path of unconditional love, all the while showing me your intention of making me realize my optimum potential, while simultaneously teaching me what the purpose of life was. Of greatest importance is, to give and accept receiving Love. As well as, you helped me unlock and discover the gifts I was possessing.
Although you never considered yourself as my teacher, but an equal, I still chose to give you the grade and call you the same fondly in my circles, especially with my family. By you helping me in the beginning, when I was struggling to understand my purpose and why I was blessed with my gifts, you gave me the support in the right way, by guiding me towards various meditations based on my gifts. If it had not been for you, I do not know how destiny would have taken me and guided me. But I believe God has sent angels for all of us. It’s just connecting with them, at the destined time, is what you taught me is most important. I do not know how many like myself that you have connected with, guided, and helped them to discover themselves, but I am grateful God sent you my way. You are truly the, “Goddess of Kindness and Love,” in every way. Whatever else may be said for you is less.
Lots of Love.

– Girish Daga
Mumbai, India

My wife and I met Terri Lynne years ago online through a Spiritual Network very similar to Facebook at the time. It was at this site Terri Lynne reached out and said she was gathering information for a book she was writing, and wanted to include perspectives from all around the world answering a simple fill in the blank answer of: Love is ____________. I responded with, that’s easy enough for me to answer, I am a songwriter and I have written a song about this very subject called “Love Is A Gift.” Although I had written this song, it was deep within a stack of papers of unrecorded songs. Terri Lynne wanted to hear it, so I searched through hundreds of songs to find it. I then recorded it, and after seeing the video at Terri Lynne definitely wanted to use it in her book “UNITED LOVE”, and we could not be more excited to be a part of this journey. Terri Lynne is a Calming, Joyful, Uplifting Spiritual Person, a Bright Illuminated Soul, an Earth Angel, on a mission to define what Love is, and this coincides perfectly with our mission to teach the world Love, Oneness and Hope for Humanity. It is our assessment, after really getting to know Terri Lynne over the past few years, that she truly has a gift, to help others work through their emotional pains, helping them to really dig deep within, forgive and finally let go, feeling lighter and happier within. It is a blessing to call her our friend.

-Gregory Fitzgibbon Aka: ARKANGELO and Cynthia Fitzgibbon Oklahoma, USA

Leaving a Country and jumping in a New World, a mom is always anxious, not about herself, but more about her children. Through my child Julian, I met a friend and mom. Her name is Terri Lynne and I learned that she is such a loving and caring person, not only about her family but also about so many people! Although Terri would not need me apart of her life, she took me in as a friend, and sometimes like a sister. Through her I saw things I never would have seen, such as celebrating together Hanukkah, sleepovers from my son, and doing activities together up until the last minute before we had to move back to Germany. We were always going places with her family and us and I will always cherish our last adventure when we went to Catalina Island. Wherever we were or whomever we were with, going out just being together, we always had a lot of fun!

I also saw how caring she was with her mom therefore I respect her very much! Terri took such good care of her mom by tending to her endless calls; she always put her mom’s needs first. She always included her and took her to so many places. For me Terri was a Vorbild- (Which means “A Role Model” in English).

When my son came back from Germany and should have gone a third time into a different class with different friends, Terri’s Energy helped me and us so that my son could stay together in one class. She was a “Miracle Worker” for our family, because neither my husband, nor I could change the Principal’s mind, and overnight through Terri’s miracle the next day my son was allowed to stay in the same class as Terri’s son Brandon.

I Also witnessed what a giving person she was and I saw Terri’s present that she gave to the teacher at the end of the school year sharing a speech which was so unbelievably nice for that woman/teacher, who had been going through the pain of cancer while our boys were in her class in third grade.

Her honesty, her Love, her light will shine forever, for my family and for myself. For me, Terri Lynne is a real giver!

With Love and Appreciation,

– Gisela
Ingolstadt, Germany

It’s my honor and pleasure to write about Terri Lynne because she is a light beacon with a blinding light swiveling around from the top of a little lighthouse near a little sunny warm beach on the west coast with her bright light flowing in all directions. Reaching out to anyone on this planet anywhere with not a single location missed. And anyone who puts out their hand and asks for help will never be denied her care, attention and love. And she is always there even in one’s darkest hours. Constantly messaging and reminding them what an amazing life this is and it’s ours if we let it sweep us up and send us on our journey. Terri Lynne is the Morpheus with the red and blue pill in this story. And she has a very engaging life story of her own battles and with it her losses and wins. If she was from more the South Eastern shores nearer the equator on a tiny tropical island, she would be the Amazonian Princess Warrior of Love and her weapon is the straight edged sword of pure light and love which will pierce the heart pushing through the body like melting butter. Charging the entire body and soul with the amazing compassion, the grace of God. And anyone who bears her call would be absolutely a mushroom for not immediately answering. It will be too distinct and entrancing to resist. Sometimes some people need a person to trust who can with few words, but unlimited unconditional love and also a untiring ear of pure love that can receive and process hours and hours of information and then calculate the correct formula from the words, to engage their person in need and say few words that will energize their power cells. And believe your truthful council that each one is unique and an emperor or empress in there own right. Each one is so important that their whole existence will miss their absence if they disappeared. And the hole in existence can never be reconciled, as no one will ever be worthy to step into those shoes because it’s unique and important to the evolution of life and the entire fate of the universe will change with all kinds of destructive ripples through time and space growing to proportions bigger than a blue star. The tapestry of life will have a missing thread that will ultimately unravel and be the total undoing of every thing. Terri Lynne understands this and she is kind and caring because of this knowledge and her struggles. I was lucky to have met TL online. Only I don’t believe in luck except in a way which only means I had no other choice, because I already chose her from the beginning of all time to be a part of my story and for me to be a part of hers. Which she simultaneously also agreed to be because she is. I am. And we are because everyone too is. There will be nothing if one were preparing to be without the other. It would not work. We are one community outside of the society governed by the self appointed leaders of their society where its run with deceit and secrecy, punishment and rewards, but no love and respect and working together is deceitfully advertised but secretly discouraged. With no gains in it for anyone to be satisfied since the good and the meek suffer at the bold and the unscrupulous feet in matters of work money financial gains. Mansions to live in for the extra work those people are highly placed in rank within their societies financial wealth massed and influence within the leaders circle. Sadly life does not flow within those circles. AND you Terri Lynne are one of the chosen few who are ready to sacrifice and be available for the millions and millions and then for the millionth and one individual who will hear you. When you speak you will say the truth and your straight edged sword of light and love will shepherd them to the one single place on earth we all must get to before the next step and that’s where love begins and all else ends. This is the point of awakening. And when it comes, it will be an explosion of nuclear proportions. The enlightening of love, which will melt away all that the worldly society of the dead put upon you and your yoke…and tricked you into believing it’s importance and your binding interest in it which was a farce. Everything melts away when love fills you instantly and so rapidly at that point of endings and beginnings… As God’s instrument on earth Terri Lynne has honed in the skill to wield all that she needs to be victorious so place your souls in her care, the place of love and watch it become all that is omnipotent… This is the single message that Terri Lynne is all about the message of universal uniting love and I totally agree with it and support it fully and can not wait to meet the millions and millions and the millionth and one. If just to say, hi I love you too.

This flowed now without my mind getting involved to structure or plan anything. I laid it out as I felt you the words I chose to describe what I felt was the only thing I used brain power on and not the other way where in the intellectual arena brain power is used to fit the person of interest into their chosen story of lies to engage and distract the people with targeted hidden advertising to reinforce the lies constructed around a celebrity of sorts who endorses anything like a Julia Roberts etc. The person the world sees is the barrel of lies that made the person the persona that the movies chose the mask of Hollywood. Made so popular because Julia had the smile and the acting skills to make believe. Where in Terri’s case it’s the one universal truth that will free everyone not entrap themselves in the worldly Maya.

You Terri thanked me for your endorsement, and I do appreciate your thank you reply. But in truth it is always been I who must thank you for allowing me to connect and allowing me to see and hear you from within you. Which is so much richer a connection, than the other way around, being the way most of the world connect. They first connect by physical attraction and then only if lucky they may get to the stage to connect with the inner self. Seeing the truth the primordial life that is hidden. We embraced this first up. And I am glad to be in it!

– Indi Shan
India – Australia

Terri Lynne is an angel that needs to be heard, and with her books, we get to hear every word…

A Reflection of my Connection with Terri Lynne… I am not sure how we met, but it is a friendship that I could never forget… On life’s road people come and go, then there are those we have always been destined to know… We know them when we meet, for the connection is complete… And what they are truly interested to know, is how they can make our love in this world grow… For their true purpose of living, is for this world to see that our hearts are meant for giving… And so it is with my beautiful friend Terri Lynne, who’s heart shines so bright from within… And as we read through Terri’s pages, we receive the messages that are meant for all hearts, now and through the ages…

– Steve Manley’s Testimonial
Boston, Massachusetts – Tennessee – Boston, Mass USA
A familiar stranger – A friend from a past life (We believe)

Dr. Christine Surrago-Kousouli Testimony
Terri Lynne, one who is in deep reverence and understanding of Love, came to this lifetime as a guide, so that those who cannot see or feel Love, can be healed of their blindness to the miracle of Love inside of them and all around them.

Terri has and always will be a warrior and champion of Divine Love. For those of you that do not understand or believe in Terri, look inside of your heart where your Truth has been denied from you. She speaks to these spaces inside of you, so that your heart can unfold and sing again.

Terri was born into a family and community that didn’t have the ability to understand her gifts, nor did they understand the depths of love. She was born with intuitive abilities and had no guidance on how to develop them; in fact she was shamed and abused for her gifts. People have tried to quiet her voice, push her light down, and they were unsuccessful. If you ever have the honor to meet Terri or hear her speak, you will feel her unending strength. It was her strength that kept her spirit alive and strong, and she is just the person to bring in the message of love. Her entire life thus far has prepared her to bring in the Love Revolution, where she leads others into the love in their soul.

– Dr. Christine Surrago-Kousouli
California, USA

I am blessed.
I am blessed because I have Terri Lynne in my life.
We met in Junior High and have been friends now for over forty years. When we met, we were innocent young girls, enjoying life as teenage girls should. Along our life paths, our roads took us in different directions. But eventually, our roads we were traveling crossed back again. It was if time stood still.
While I traveled a linear path with my feet on the ground, Terri Lynne started listening to messages from above. She became a messenger between heaven and humanity. Her work on Earth, guided by the Heavens, was to spread light and love. Terri Lynne teaches us to listen to the voices within our own hearts. She is a Guardian Spirit who manifests goodness, purity and selflessness. It is her life’s mission, not for her own gain, but to share with others. Her job, her life, her passion is to share her gift of love through touching one heart at a time.
Terri Lynne truly walks this earth as an Earth Angel.
Terri Lynne had a dream. Thru time this dream became a vision. She wanted to spread LOVE, not just Locally or Globally, but Universally. I have watched Terri Lynne, over years; turn her dream to reality, as she touched every corner of this World. I am so proud of her.
I am excited.
I am excited for Terri Lynne to finally hold her completed book in her hands.

But, I think I am more excited for the World to receive her Gift of LOVE.
United Love.

– Dr. Phyllis Weinstein
Aka: Terri Lynne’s Soul Sister/Lifelong Friend
California, USA

Terri Lynne is a living breath of love. Her book United Love, is a living breathing extension of her. LOVE.
My relationship with Terri Lynne began 16 years ago when as moms we met on the little league baseball field. It was a soul sister connection from the moment we met. Since then I have had the privilege to walk through life’s journeys with Terri Lynne by my side and me by hers. I have personally witnessed all the work, love and tears Terri Lynne has endlessly poured forth into this beautifully orchestrated book about LOVE. From the initial inspiration from heaven to getting it out into the world, dedicated.

I feel incredibly blessed to be so close to a woman whose soul mission is to spread love. Period. To unite us all one heart at a time. Terri Lynne walks her talk spreading love, uniting love. She is an inspiration to us all.

Thank you for getting this book out into a world that needs healing. Less separation, more union, more love.

– Krista Kubik
Yoga teacher, Holistic Living Specialist
Spreader of light and love.
Aka: Terri Lynne’s Soul Sister
California, USA

Terri Lynne and I met in the fourth grade. We were the new kids at a new school whose connection was so immediate; it was as if magnets from the universe were manipulated by a higher power for the soul purpose of finding the other. A friendship like ours could not be clearly defined because the lines that normally create a sense of separation between two individuals were so beautifully blurred, that defining us as separate individuals was virtually, and literally, impossible.

Growing up I was TL’s protector, guardian and shield. She was the true definition of a butterfly trapped inside a cocoon. The mere thought of poking out our heads for a quick peak outside our self-imposed zone of safety was terrifying, so we rarely ventured out and we never let anyone in. The muffled sound of laughing and whispering was all anybody on the outside would hear from us. We felt protected and safe and we were as happy as two friends could ever be because we had what we needed, which we knew was our soul sister connection with each other. The thought of adding to our friendship circle of two felt like a betrayal of the highest order but as we got older, the seams of our tightly guarded fortress unraveled and the once implausible thought of living our life without the other became a reality we had never thought possible.

It would be years before our paths reconnected us again and once we reconnected; it was as if time had stopped and there was no distance between us, ever. One night we were just catching up on our lives and she hesitantly began to tell me about things that she wasn’t sure I would fully accept as her new normal. I was intently listening to how everything in her life went upside down when her Granny Sara died. Losing Sara was a loss like none other for Terri, but her eyes were telling me a different story. One I didn’t expect to hear from her. She told me that her granny’s death unveiled Terri’s own gifts as an ‘intuitive healer’ and her connection to her grandmother didn’t end with her death, but rather created a new beginning connecting heaven and earth as one love united eternally. She kept pausing to see if I was still following along, and accepting what she was saying as the truth. I remember being completely floored by this revelation, not because I didn’t believe her, but because it was my own Grandma’s death that unveiled the same clairvoyance and intuitions in myself. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I had no doubt that what she was saying was the absolute truth – because I was living it myself.

Terri’s gifts for healing, I came to learn, are profound. If you talk to her about what she does, you will realize that she’s actually the conduit between the person and the energy needed to heal from whatever caused someone to contact her in the first place.  Terri doesn’t manufacture or create the energy she talks about; she just seamlessly taps into it and allows it to flow through her and onto the other person. She opens up blocked channels that have hindered a person’s ability to live their life to the fullest potential possible. There are many different types of energies that healers can tap into – but for years, Terri believes beyond any doubt that the energy needed most in our world is love.  Over the years she has perfected her ability to cut through the chatter and deflections of what someone thinks they need – and focus’ solely on what she knows instinctively to be true: What we really need more than anything else, especially now, is Love. Love, she says, rises above all else. Every emotion a human being can feel pales in comparison to the healing powers of love.  

This book is a gift to anyone who wants a starting point on their journey to healing themselves, their family, their community and the world we all share together. 

To my friend whose friendship transcends time, it’s always been about love. xxx 

Victoria Powells-Conway
Lifelong friend/Soul Sister
California, USA

***Representing someone who has known me my entire life minus a few years.

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