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“Talk Softly and Carry Angel Wings”

My Personal Story:

Started with this one question:

Q: How do you touch, let alone hold, an intangible object?
You manifest one!

My personal story began in an unconventional way and lead to a very unique LOVE STORY. My story began through, “Wings Passed On” and a single question, which came through spirit. The answer came over a long period of time reflective of double the love in a single lifetime. Over time I learned the importance of loving myself, by loving my own spirit in my own company, as well as allowing my spirit guide to show me her love for me by guiding me to feel what love is. Love is… the greatest feeling one can hold and carry upon ones wings and spirit imprints! This question above instantly moved me to ask further questions. Until the questions began to take on a new form of deeper and higher levels of awareness.

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In my developing years of searching to understand spirit, I used resources both within as well as through guidance from above. I use to believe and so it felt in my past, that my questions appeared as if they were coming from my mind. Until suddenly instead of ASKING QUESTIONS, I shifted and began to PRAY FOR ANSWERS! I was guided to do so behind closed doors in my own company. I learned no one knows you better than you know yourself, so once you pray for answers rather than ask questions, your own spirit will tell you and show you all you need to know about your own life’s experiences and about who you are born to be.

I learned questions asked lead to asking more questions. Whereas praying gives answers beyond any question your wildest imagination could ask. Praying begins the flow. When you pray you set your intention to receive answers to your prayers without ever needing to ask for anything. I just had a bingo moment, my aha moment.

As a young girl as well as present day, I never liked or wanted to ask for anything from anyone, even from my parents and in this moment I recognized our prayers aren’t designed for the taking, they are designed for the receiving without asking. Because I just heard the whisper, “God knows what we need, long before we have time to think about what we may want.” The wanting adds to your desires and your desires are merely a “thought” of what you “think” you want. When we pray, God knows what we need to be our best self and God knows what we deserve.

We all deserve to be LOVE and to be LOVED! All we NEED is LOVE to be in the flow of the Universe. The best place to look for LOVE IS in your own mirrors reflection. Love begins within and this love is very challenging to live without. I always loved myself, but questioned if another’s love for me was unconditional? Until I stopped asking and prayed for answers. Ironically that was when I received the imprint to ask one question to the Universe, which is exactly what I did and how Love being an intangible object, took shape and became LOVE in a tangible form. A source to reflect upon what LOVE IS, as well as a gentle reminder that we are all one and we all feel each other’s actions, as well as non actions. So I chose to take action. I did so by manifesting energy into matter within the pages of a book called, “UNITED LOVE” for EVERYONE EVERYWHERE to have and to hold a universal mystery solved!

This book gives the seeing is believing souls something to have and to hold, as they see energy held within their hands. Witnessing how my prayers answered questions, long before my thoughts were fully formed of thinking what to ask! This is when I received the answer in the form of a message, whispering to and through spirit to, “Manifest one!” United Love is what was manifested!

For me in my life, I use to “think” I had to ask a question to receive an “answer. ” Until I learned answers come through spirit, not through the intellectual mind. This KNOWledge was not stemming from within the questions, but rather waiting patiently to receive an answer through spirit, as to my next step which set me on to the true pathway of my soul. In the stillness of the quiet mind, I was guided down a road many only contemplate traveling. But I trusted the Universe and believed in miracles simply BECAUSE I knew I was one. Then once I was educated on how to release my fears and learned that fear is simply, “False Evidence Appearing Real,” I let go and allowed my spirit guide, my angels and God to steer my wheel and they guided me into your hands and hearts at this very moment in time. They guided me on my way, each new baby step, as an adult.

For me, I received answers to many questions beyond the one that set my spirit on this path of higher knowledge, while receiving unmeasurable gifts. I learned my greatest lessons come not in the thinking of what questions to ask, but rather in the unthinking, the deprogramming, within the silence of thought. Without a handbook or a road map of ones heart, I was guided to you today! Over time I was shown how the Universe works in mysterious ways and when you’re in the flow of the Universe, energy will guide you on to the true pathway of your soul, as well as know who’s spirit you are meant to connect with. This way we never need to judge another, we just need to stay open to all possibilities and allow God to BE the judge.

Some are drawn to our path for lessons to be learned, as we play the roles of teacher or student and vice versa or for karma to play itself out so your spirit grows beyond the lesson. So, without a second to “think,” of what question I “thought” I needed to ask, my own spirit showed me an imprint of an intangible object, formed into solid energy being a book. Then over a one year period of time energy was being placed in my hands. My own personal spirit guide showed me my answer, rather than telling me. For most, “Seeing is believing and if it can’t be seen it’s hard to believe.” This is where my LOVE QUEST began! I made it my job and my responsibility to first understand what LOVE IS then try to share with the Universe what I’m learning through souls connecting, through energy! I chose to work with the Universe not against it.

The mysterious ways the Universe works, were shown to me through energy and divine timing. When we let LOVE flow without trying to control the current, we will KNOW LOVE comes from within and LOVE IS energy no one wants to live without. I learned If you want to see LOVE, you need to learn that LOVE is found when we look in our own mirrors reflection, instead of looking for love in all the wrong places. This is the journey/project I embarked upon when I was guided to manifest LOVE into energy, so souls can have and can hold ENERGY in a tangible form, not only to warm their hearts, but to hold in their hands forevermore!

Now I will use my favorite line: Welcome to my world! If you are reading or seeing or hearing my personal story now, then please understand you were guided to this predestined right moment in time and I am pleased to connect our links together adding to the universal CHAIN OF LOVE! The answer to my question became the book of beautiful souls around the world sharing their view on what LOVE IS and I simply took their LOVE energy and put it into a tangible form we now can have and can hold, as well as share with generations to come.

When you learn you are a gift from God and God created you as LOVE ENERGY, designed to be a spark of LOVES LIGHT for the Universe to see your LOVE, then you will understand the importance of letting your LOVE FLOW, so you can FEEL all of what LOVE IS!

At the end of my life, all I care to ask myself is one question: I will ask myself, did you, Terri Lynne give LOVE away freely and unconditionally, as well as accept receiving LOVE? If my answer comes through my spirit and my spirit guide as YES I DID, then I will know I fulfilled my purpose driven life!

My big dream is to see how far and how wide can our energy reach in order to UNITE the entire world through all of what LOVE IS! We do not have to meet face to face or live next door or in the same house in order to connect, because LOVE IS a universal energy sharing one universal language which connects us all as ONE UNITED LOVE STORY! I do pray to meet each and EVERYONE OF YOU ON ONE PREDESTINED DAY, to exchange LOVE ONE HEARTBEAT AT A TIME. The intention is for LOVES LIGHT to shine so bright that everyone can find their way into our CIRCLE OF ANGELS! If you have a heart beat, you deserve to know how LOVE FEELS by KNOWING WHAT LOVE IS!

This is as far as my personal story has reached present day, but I will continue praying and trusting that the Universe knows where my road shall lead and I pray it’s right into your linear life simply to connect ~ experiencing being in the flow of LOVE!
With Love’s Light,
Terri Lynne

About the Book

Inside this book, you will FEEL the positive energy from around the world and be TOUCHED by the LOVE messages. You will SEE LOVE with your eyes. You will get a TASTE of how LOVE feels by the influence it delivers. You will be able to SMELL the sweet scent of LOVE in the air, knowing you are a frequency connected to other hearts in the world. You will HEAR your hearts beat through the sound of LOVE vibrations. You will have moments inspired by the SENSE of what LOVE is. You will become aware of a Level Of Vibrational Energy by uniting as ONE LOVE. You will experience a heart full of LOVE after FEELING the flow of energy throughout the Universe. You will KNOW what LOVE is inside your spirit. NOW is our time to pass our “UNITED LOVE” story on…

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United Love Paperback Color $89.99

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Wings Passed On Paperback

Meet the Author

Author Terri Lynne, is a proud Wife and Mom of two incredible children. She has learned about what LOVE IS through every day experiences and through generations passed on, shared in her first publication, titled “Wings Passed On.” Now she is planting the seed of LOVE and has chosen to spread this LOVE by uniting through open hearts, while touching hands and crossing bridges to reach each other ~ connecting as one “UNITED LOVE” team of Angels upon earth! TL believes that “LOVE IS… Powerful and the Power Of Love Trumps All!”

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Read the touching praises from people all around the world.  The mission is to connect with each other through our pure raw truth, that we all have in common which is… LOVE!  There are also video testimonials to be able to connect further with the message.


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